Hey, Internet!

My name is Philip Ermish. I earn my keep by making some pretty cool apps and software. I’m fortunate that I have a job I absolutely love, and am passionate about. Outside of work, I’m a man of adventure! While some weekends I enjoy a healthy dose of gaming, others, I’m planning my next trip to travel the world. The world is full of adventure and someone (me) needs to explore it!

If you haven’t notice yet, I’m a pretty positive person! The world is often a rough place and many days are difficult, but I believe positivity is a choice. It’s all about perspective. I try to find the positive things in whatever situation I encounter. You can’t always change your situation, but you can change how you respond to it.

If I sound like your new best friend, then hit me up on some social media! (Links below) If you’re not a fan, click here.

Specifically software

As far as software goes, I’m a full stack developer and love working with C# and all things Javascript. If you love open source software, then we’ve got something in common!

On the front end, I enjoy building a solid UI and the user experience is extremely important to me. This is where there’s power in simplicity! On the flip side of the coin, architecting and building out solid APIs/Services bring a satisfaction in their own way. Code maintainability and performance are critical points in my book.